Jason Spriggs

6’6” 301
Tackle #78

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports
  • Lean and athletic
  • 6’6” with 34 inch arms
  • Will sometime lunge at the point of attack and will get thrown off
  • Struggled against elite guys (OSU’s Joey Bosa)
  • Four year starter
  • Good lateral movement
  • Sometimes struggles to reach inside defenders
  • Overall strength is a concern

Jason Spriggs was the over all winner among tackles at the NFL Scouting Combine. He showed his elite athleticism for a big man but overall strength and size is a concern. The four year starter could certainly grow into his large frame but I don’t think he’s a plug and play left tackle, maybe at the right side. He struggled against top talent guys. Ohio State’s Joey Bosa ran right around Spriggs.

Jason’s footwork and form is inconsistent. Sometimes he’s textbook. Other times he lunges too much and can easily be pushed off the defender. He’s got some knee bend. He likes to over extend his arms and not use his body. I think he got away with holding a lot in college.

With all these negative comments, I believe Jason Spriggs can work his way to be a solid NFL lineman. He does some things well. He comes out of his stance very quick. Again, his athleticism and quickness were proven at the combine and he proves it on tape. He uses his hands a lot. He doesn’t quit on plays and he pushes edge rushers way behind the quarterback. He’s consistently been respected his whole career. He appears to be a solid kid. Some solid NFL coaching could help get this kid to the next level.

To read about his successful day at the NFL Scouting Combine, click here.

NFL Comparison: Lane Johnson

Round Value: 3rd. I think Jason Spriggs will be drafted in the second round.



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