Jayron Kearse

Safety #1
Junior 6’4” 216

Jayron Kearse

  • Serious NFL bloodlines; his uncle is “The Freak” Jevon Kearse and his cousin is former NFL cornerback Phillip Buchanon.
  • Extremely long (34.25 in. arms), but has a thin frame for a safety.
  • Flashes great range as a single high deep safety.
  • Effort is lacking; floats around too often without any urgency
  • Not a good tackler; lazy, lunges and whiffs regularly.
  • Moves well for a big safety, but doesn’t have great speed (4.64 40)
  • Limited in his capabilities in man coverage; will struggle against quicker slot receivers.
  • Draft stock went down slowly as the season progressed; people saw extremely inconsistent tape; some highs and a lot of lows
  • Extremely frustrating to watch on tape, gave up on some plays where he could have made a play or chased down the runner; makes one want to question his competitiveness.
  • Did flash the ability to read the quarterback well, break on the ball and use his length breakup the pass.
  • Former receiver with excellent ball skills.
  • A few times he should showed good pre-snap recognition, but that trait was inconsistent like much of his game and he had trouble capitalizing on his reads.

*Report by Erik Olson

Jayron Kearse was a hot name early in this 2015 season. People thought he was a freak like his uncle Jevon. However, his play on the field, while showing some flashes of immense skill, revealed a few serious issues. His film shows someone who doesn’t play to his freakish size because his effort is lacking. There was a play in the Notre Dame game where Kearse could have easily run down CJ Prosise before he went into the endzone, but instead he gave up on the play. Another example:  At the end of the ACC championship game North Carolina was driving to get within one possession. Kearse’s man catches the ball and Jayron badly misses the easy tackle leading to a touchdown. The combine also showed that he is not an athletic freak either since he ran a 4.64 40 and jumped 31.5 inches. So what is Jayron Kearse if he’s not a projection based “freak”? He does show some flashes on tape, but the team that drafts him will have to get through to him to make sure he gives consistent effort to maximize his talent. Would not be surprised to see him drafted higher than his listed draft value.

NFL Draft value:  5th round


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