Joe Haeg

North Dakota State
Offensive Tackle #59
6’6″ 304 (RS) Senior

Joe Haeg

  • 2015 All-American (FCS)
  • Voted top Collegiate Offensive Lineman in 2015 (FCS) who started 60 of 61 potential games in his career.
  • Agile big man with quick feet.
  • Versatile. Played both tackle spots.
  • Can add more weight to his frame.
  • Able to seal edge. Does best work against speed rushers.
  • Not a natural knee bender.
  • High football IQ. Can climb to second level and locate assignment quickly.
  • Struggled to anchor with more powerful defenders.
  • Doesn’t drive defenders off ball.

Joe Haeg is yet another FCS prospect that is sure to have his name called come April’s draft. A four-year starter and converted tight end, Haeg helped lead the Bison to a national championship during his senior season. At the Senior Bowl, Haeg showed off his athleticism and quick feet in all of the drills. He is great at sealing the edge against speed rushers and is a great fit in a zone blocking scheme.

Haeg will need to put on some size at the next level as he did struggle with bull rushes, even while playing against lesser competition. In pass protection, Haeg does allow his hands to get way to low and occasionally is more of a body blocker then a pure pass defender.

Round Projection: 3-4

Player Comparison: Ricky Wagner. Haeg is far from a plug and play guy. However, much like Wagner he does posses great feet and size for the position. He will need to improve his overall strength to become an NFL caliber tackle.

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