Joey Bosa

Ohio State
Defensive End #97
Junior 6’6 275


Joey has consistently displayed fantastic production and has the look of an athletic defensive end.

  • Strong; athletic; flexible
  • Very explosive.
  • Doesn’t lose contain often.
  • Uses his hands.
  • Has the “look”
  • Appears to love the game.
  • Lacks discipline. He will jump offsides or crash down the line of scrimmage more than he should.
  • Has supreme grown men strength.

Joey has always excelled at football.  The first team All-American was also a stud in the high school ranks.  Like his father, John Bosa, Joey Bosa will be a defensive lineman drafted in the first round.  Joey has proven his talent through his production but his natural talent and ability has been able to cover up a lot of his lack of discipline.  Joey appears to be coachable and will learn that squeezing too far down the line of scrimmage will earn him a spot on the sidelines in the NFL.  His explosive ability also covered up his lack of elite quickness as he missed some makeable tackles in the back field.  Despite these weaknesses, Joey has the look of what a defensive end should be.

Joey Bosa had a good combine and appeared to be comfortable during the most important job interview of his life.  He claimed he was the best player in this draft.


NFL Comparison: Jared Allen

Round Projection: Top 5 Pick

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