Jonathan Bullard

DL #90
Senior 6’3″ 285

jonathan bullard

  • Versatile player for Florida lining up at LE, RE and DT.
  • Stout against the run and anchors well at the point of attack.
  • Won’t beat a double team but will hold his ground for others around him to make the play.
  • Power first player who will bull rush OT and OG back into the pocket.
  • Lack of speed, won’t bend the edge.
  • Quick hands but needs to be more aggressive with them at the POA.
  • If he doesn’t win straight away has a tendency to stop and look to bat down the pass.
  • Needs to do a better job at staying low instead of popping straight up out of his stance.
  • Good tackler that wraps up well.

Bullard is all about the power, he loves to bull rush offensive linemen back into the pocket and hammer QBs and RBs in the backfield. Bullard was moved around the Florida defensive line but spent most of his time at LE on running downs and then moved inside on passing downs, this is likely what he is going to do in the NFL for a 4-3 team. He has the size and skills to be effective in a 4-3 or a 3-4 which will help him get drafted.
If he can learn more pass rushing moves and become more consistent at staying down when coming out of his stance he could become a very good DT for a team like the Seahawks, falcons or jaguars that specifically run a 4-3 under and he can impose his power 1 on 1 and not get stuck with double teams.
Florida has a knack at churning out pass rushing DT with Dominque Easley and Shariff Floyd drafted in the first round the last couple of years, Bullard should here his name called around the bottom of the first round after an impressive college career and don’t be surprised to see him on the field early in his career wreaking havoc for OTs around the league


NFL Comparison

Shariff Floyd (Smaller version)


Round Value

1st Round


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