Josh Forrest

Inside Linebacker #45
Senior 6’3″ 255


Josh is a former wide receiver and a raw talent that continues to improve at the linebacker position.

  • Bad first step.
  • Has played multiple positions.
  • Struggles getting off blocks when blitzing
  • Solid fundamentals as a tackler.
  • Decent in zone coverage.
  • Needs overall improvement with getting off blocks.


Josh Forrest led his team in tackles during his junior year with 110. This put him third in the SEC in tackles per game.

Josh Forrest entered Kentucky as a receiver and was switched to a linebacker hybrid role by the end of the season.  His junior year, Forrest’s production increased.  This switch may explain that everything he does needs to be faster.  He recognizes the play a step too late.  He’s slow to blitz.  He struggles to get off blocks when an offensive lineman engages him.  He does better in the passing game.  Kentucky ran a lot of zone and Forrest seemed to be able to cover whoever entered his zone.


Round Value: 6/7

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