Keenan Reynolds

Athlete #19
5’11” 205151212-N-QO941-001-725x1024

  • Great Character
  • Finished 5th in Heisman voting
  • Holds record for most rushing touchdowns in NCAA history (88)
  • Outstanding field vision
  • 37.5 inch vertical/ 10 foot broad jump
  • Natural athlete
  • Home run speed/ big play waiting to happen

Keenan Reynolds put Navy on the map again. The outstanding young man carried himself with poise and class. He rushed for over 1300 yards with past season and threw for over 1200. He was responsible for 32 touchdowns just last season and was an electrifying player that didn’t get invited to New York City for the Heisman ceremony.

When looking at Keenan Reynolds as a quarterback, his three step and five step drops were slow. He had good touch on the ball but when he needed to step in to a throw to force a pass into tight coverage he would sometimes struggle. I think he had the arm strength but he lacked consistency in driving off of his back foot and stepping into some of his throws. A lot of the patterns were a run fake then a single read look.  He was elusive in the pocket and was excellent in reading the defense in Navy’s option attack.

As a runner, I believe Keenan Reynolds was exceptional and his game tape and stats speak for himself. In Navy’s flexbone offense, a lot of the space that is created for runners is created by the quarterback. It’s the little things. The eyes. The footwork. Showing the defense the ball. Reynolds did all of it. He also has some of the best field vision in this class. He knows when to slow down, when to speed up, when to wait for blockers, when to hit the edge, and also when to run behind his pads.

The big question is: Where do you put him on the field?

He’s a better runner than a passer and the kid is willing to do whatever it takes to play football at the next level. He got snubbed out of an invite at the NFL Scouting Combine so he wasn’t able to show his routes to NFL scouts.  Keenan said his route-running was the main focus of his training.

I think it helps Reynolds that other former quarterback prospects have found success like Julian Edelman, Dernard Robinson, and Braxton Miller (I think its safe to assume he won’t play quarterback).  I think Reynolds will get reps at multiple positions. He has natural ability running the football but can he transfer that ability to catching the football, he could really be valuable.

The bottom line is I think Keenan Reynolds has the “it” factor. He won’t be an instant impact but I think he is a worthy investment for an NFL team to make. He’ll work hard. He’ll stay out of trouble. He’ll help in the community. He’ll make the players around him better.

Round Value: 6th

NFL Comparison: Julian Edelman

This might appear to be a lazy comparison but I think it’s so true. Both are gritty in your face and aggressive players on the field. They’re both going to work hard because they love football.

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