Kolby Listenbee

Wide Receiver #7
Senior 6’0 197

  • Very fast WR, clocked a 4.39 at the combine, 2nd fastest among WRs.

    Photo credit. eaglesdaily
    Photo credit. eaglesdaily
  • Limited route runner.
  • Can stretch the field and beat man coverage.
  • Questionable hands and has a tendency to body catch.
  • Average blocker.
  • Shows average body position when catching the ball.
  • Wont gain many yards after contact.
  • Has bulked up since the end of college putting on 14lbs.
  • Would need work to become a good slot WR.

Listenbee is a sprinter who has plays football in my eyes, he has been recorded in the 100m at 10.03. He does a great job stretching the field which is vitally important in the NFL and we have seen undersized, fast WR be very productive, like Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Brandin Cooks and T.Y.Hilton to name a few. These guys however were more polished WR coming out of college than Listenbee is, he needs work on his route running only have a small repertoire of routes in his tree. There are also questions about his catching and has a tendency when going over the middle to body catch instead of reaching out and hands catching.
If there is one thing that cant be taught its speed and Listenbee has plenty of this to catch onto a team needing someone to stretch the field. If he can latch onto to a team with a quality WR coach he could turn into a decent 2-3wr, with his size he is an ideal fit in the slot but with the worries Ive mentioned he still needs plenty of work.

NFL Comparison: Jerome Simpson
Round Value:
Round 5/6

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