Kyler Fackrell

Utah St

Edge #9

6’5″ 245

Fackrell is long playmaker that can play in space and rush the passer.

• Rush the passer, coverage – Off Ball Edge
• Solid player in space and coverage
• Motor and hustle
• Above average initial burst
• Long arms help get good extension
• Stuffs pullers
• Generates leverage in bull rush
• Stunts/twists

• Disengaging from OL
• Seems stiff or maybe just a long strider?
• Back pedal is high

• Torn ACL 2014
• Off ball or edge player
• Played mostly as a standup DE/Edge

Fackrell was a lightly recruited player out of Arizona who would have started four years if not for an ACL injury in the first game of the 2014 season. He was able to return to form tallying identical tackle and sack numbers with a couple more tackles for a loss this past season.

Fackrell is long and plays much stronger than his 15 reps at the combine would suggest. He’s able to play with good leverage for someone his size and holds strong versus the run consistently. Fackrell is able to do a lot a pass rusher but also is able to play in space and zone coverages. I think that he will be able to play some man or match zone with running backs but he doesn’t look like he has the coverage ability like Darron Lee or Myles Jack which might translate to covering slot receivers. Fackrell could also be an answer for covering some of the freak tight ends like Gronk which require length, strength and adequate speed.

Something I just cant put my finger on is the way that he moves. I’ve heard some say its stiffness but when I watch his hips in coverage he doesn’t have the typical “stiffness” that you usually associate that word with. Its possible that its just that he’s long and a strider as a runner. Maybe it just looks slow because he doesn’t take the short choppy steps but he’s got the change of direction ability. Fackrell will also need to continue developing his ability to get off of offensive lineman when pass rushing.

NFL Comparison:

Connor Barwin

Round value:

Games watched: Colorado St 2015, Wyoming 2015, Boise St 2015, USC 2013

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