Laremy Tunsil

Ole Miss
Offensive Tackle #78
Junior 6’5″ 305

Tunsil, Ole Miss

  • Good solid base staying square when facing up defenders.
  • Great fluidity throughout his body with loose hips and quick/light feet
  • Absorbs contact and is unmovable serving as a brick wall.
  • Light feet with ability to kick slide with ease picking up the quicker edge rushers.
  • Occasionally gets too low at times creating some balance issues (also, at times over pursues losing balance and losing advantage)
  • Some issues when facing up with quicker pass rushers with a special tool kit.
  • Anchors down like no other.
  • Violent and strong hands

Laremy Tunsil was a first team freshman All-America choice and followed his rookie season in 2013 with an All-SEC bid in 2014. Only playing in five games because of some rumored NCAA violations, Tunsil still put together an All-America season in the second half of the season for the Rebels. The near flawless prospect has many skills to boast including his professional technique and athleticism. Though being described as one of the safest prospects in this class, he has had some durability issues missing three full games to a mixture of knee and ankle injuries and then missing spring practices in 2015 because of recovering from ankle surgery. 

When turning on any Ole Miss game, it’s obvious to see who the best player on the field is. Tunsil’s ability to control his opponent from the first quarter to the final whistle is impressive playing with equal intensity and drive from the first snap to the last. Tunsil boasts incredible athleticism with appreciated foot quickness accompanied with impressive bend and flexibility. He plays with great timing when delivering first contact and staying balanced and symmetrical throughout his entire body. He shows effective hand usage and placement to punch defenders jolting them in their pursuit.

With a high football IQ, Tunsil quickly diagnoses blitz packages and excels to adjust. If struggling, it’s versus some of the quicker edge rushers with a tool kit of pass rushing moves, though, Tunsil does have the quick hands and quick lower body to mirror and adjust to anything out of the ordinary. Tunsil shows his foot quickness and athleticism in the open field with great acceleration to demolish defenders in the open field either in the run game or on screen passes. Tunsil’s minor flaws are coachable and his status is as high as any other top prospect in the 2016 NFL draft class. 

NFL Comparison: Tyron Smith
Great athletes with excellent feet thriving in both the run and the pass. Have to be picky to find any major flaws in either player’s game.

Round Value: First Round (Elite status)

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