Michael Thomas

Southern Miss

WR #88

Senior 6’1″ 190

Thomas is an explosive player who could see a rise in stock as we get closer to the draft.

• Fast, big play ability, explosive after catch
• Smooth hands-catcher
• Makes spectacular catches
• Good outside release
• Makes catches over the middle
• Consistently good effort as a blocker
• Success outside and inside
• Seems to read zone coverages – sits in holes and doesn’t run back into coverage
• Solid body control – can adjust to the ball in the air
• Let’s the ball get into him instead of going after the ball over the middle
• Struggles to get off the press – only uses speed
• A few concentration drops
• Testing might be huge for him. Rumored 4.5 but he looks like he runs a 4.5 in full pads
• Most snaps come from left outside
• Would like to know reason for 2 catches for 27 yards vs Texas St (score was 56-50)
• Returner

Thomas started out at two different JUCOs, College of Dupage and Dodge City College, before landing at Southern Miss. In his first season with the team he had 41 catches for 592 yards and 5 touchdowns, followed by 71 catches for 1391 yards and 14 touchdowns. He could rise as we get close to the draft and is in intriguing prospect.

Thomas is an explosive player that is always a threat for a big play. He’s a hands catcher with solid body control to adjust to the ball. Most snaps came while he was lined up on the left side of the formation as the outside receiver. He’s got a good outside release with very quick feet. He’s shows consistency making catches across although he does let the ball come to him instead of extending out to grab it. What I really like is the effort he gives as a blocker regardless of if the block is great. I think it tells you about the personality of the player, especially for receivers.

The concerns will be the same as they were with Kevin White since they have similar paths through junior college and one big time production season. He does appear to struggle getting off the press and if he can’t win with his quick feet and speed then he doesn’t hand many successful hands moves. I also notice a few concentration drops over the games I watched. I would like to know what happened versus Texas St.

Round grade:


Games watched: Washington 2015, La Tech 2015, Miss St 2015, Nebraska 2015

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  1. He was coming off an injury vs Mississippi State and was going to play that game but it was a game time decision to give his ankle a go at game speed.

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