Mike Gesicki: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Preview

Last year Mike Gesicki caught 48 passes for over 650 yards, the best of any tight end in the Big Ten.

Coming into his senior season tight end Mike Gesicki is looking to up his draft stock. With 6’5″ height and weighing in at 250 pounds, he has the size to be a dominant NFL tight end. However, Gesicki has a major asset that is paired with a huge problem for his draft value. Gesicki has great athleticism and pass-catching ability for a tight end, but he is almost useless in the run game.

When it comes to Gesicki’s contributions in the run game, there is one very important question to ask. That question is, is he opposed to blocking or just bad at it? As a talent evaluator, I hope it’s just lack of skill. Coaches can teach him to block, they cannot teach him to want to block. That being said, Gesicki looks like he is willing to block, he just doesn’t quite know how to do it correctly. He lacks power and technique, but those can be taught.

Mike Gesicki NFL Draft
Mike Gesicki via Pennlive.com


The part of Gesicki’s game that has NFL GM’s drooling is his ability to contribute as a pass-catcher. Gesicki moves very well for someone of his size, and while he isn’t the fastest player, he has plenty of speed to get the job done. Gesicki is a natural hands catcher, and even flashes the ability to pull in circus catches with one hand. If Gesicki continues to display the ability to get open and consistently catch the ball he should be a top-tier tight end in the 2018 draft.

NFL Outlook

In the NFL, Gesicki should be used mainly as a matchup problem. Early on in his career coaches will spend their time teaching him to block. If he ever develops himself as a decent blocker he will be a good inline tight end. However, right now he offers little to no blocking value. A solid comparison to Mike Gesiki in the NFL is Zach Ertz. Neither of them is especially good blockers, but they offer enough receiving value to warrant playing time.

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