NFL Draft Scouting Report: Alvin Kamara

Running back #6
Junior, 5’10”  215


  • Versatile back who can make an impact as a runner and a receiver.
  • North-South runner.
  • Upper-echelon burst, with a combination of his aggressive running style allows him to hit second level quickly.
  • Elusive athlete with elite burst.
  • Big-time playmaking ability.


  • Running style does not match his frame.
  • Lacks size and power needed to consistently break tackles, and move the pile.
  • Could be a limited, change-of-pace type of back in the NFL.
  • Lack of size could cause issues for him in pass-protection.
  • Needs to improve size and strength.


Final Analysis:

Alvin Kamara is a very interesting prospect entering the 2017 NFL Draft. It’s easy to make the assumption that Kamara will make a major impact at the next level due to his versatility, aggressive running style and elite speed.

There is no question that Kamara can be the guy to get big chunks of yardage, but there is the question whether he could be a three-down back at the next level. Kamara seems to have consistency issues running in between the tackles as you can see in the video below.

One of the most impressive aspects of Kamara’s game is his ability in screen plays. The NFL is trending toward backs who are dominant in this way as well. Teams like Philadelphia, and how they use Darren Sproles out of the backfield, and even how the Atlanta Falcons use their two-headed monster in the backfield on these plays is very similar to how Kamara was used at Tennessee. In the video below, you can see Kamara is a slippery player, is lethal in the screen game, and his ability to create big plays is off-the-charts.

There is no question Kamara is a great prospect, and has the ability to be a great player at the next level. There are a lot of questions that surround his strength, power, ability to be a three-down back, and his abilities in pass-protection. Kamara will be a limited change-of-pace type of back in his rookie season, and hopefully for him, and the team that drafts him can develop into a three-down versatile monster out of the backfield that he has the capability of being.

NFL Comparison: Devonta Freeman

Round Projection: Late 1st – Early 2nd

Team Fits: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants

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