NFL Draft Scouting Report: Andre Dessenberg

Towson University
Wide Receiver #18
Senior 6’3” 200

  • Good ability to catch in traffic
  • Made the most of working with poor quarterback play
  • Lined up all over the field
  • Can win 50/50 balls
  • Slow off the line of scrimmage
  • Lacks elite speed
  • Good body control

Andre Dessenberg was a four-year starter during his college career at Towson University. He was a Freshman All-American 2nd Team in 2013 and 3rd Team All-Conference player in 2016. During his senior season, Dessenberg led his team in receptions and compiled just under 800 yards through the air. He finished the season ranked second in the CAA in receptions and fourth in receiving yards.

Dessenberg was the main receiver in Towson’s passing attack. His strength was on display when he operated out of the slot mainly because he consistently caught contested passes. He excelled in running and capitalizing on slant routes. Aside from running slants, Dessenberg needs to improve his route tree.

The Towson Tiger showed that he was able to catch passes with his hands and attack the ball at its highest point. He was put in situations where he had to make difficult catches due to his inability to get open. Luckily, Dessenberg showed that he was able to physically outmatch most of the guys that were tasked with defending him. In his longer touchdown plays, many of them came against defenses that we playing zone and they didn’t key in on him and let him get behind the defense.

The main question regarding Dessenberg’s game projecting to the next level is how he’s going to generate space against better defenders. He has the measurables to succeed but with a lack of elite speed, his route running will need to improve. In most of the tape that I was able to find, the defenders covering Dessenberg played off the line of scrimmage. I would like to see his ability to release off of the line when jammed at the start of the play.

Dessenberg is a raw talent that should be able to be developed into an NFL wide receiver.  His height and ability to jump for the 50/50 balls could give him a shot to make a roster.

Round Value: 7th-UDFA Camp invite

NFL Comp: Greg Salas

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