NFL Draft Scouting Report: Joshua Holsey

Corner back #15
Senior 5’11” 195 pounds


  • Handled multiple coverage responsibilities
  • Shows some anticipation skills to make clean plays on the ball
  • Usually stays square to the line to create an effective punch in press
  • Plays with a sound transition in bump and run
  • Can play developing routes well, staying tight to close on things in a hurry
  • Fluid ability to flip his hips and go
  • Possesses some aggressiveness with disruptive hands at the catch point
  • Carries leverage over the top of routes in zone
  • Displays some ability to shift weight and move feet to reset against physical receivers


  • Two ACL tears in his career
  • Marginal foot quickness to maintain a feel for his man in short areas
  • Poor habit of committing to the stem too quickly, allowing free inside releases
  • Underdeveloped ability to turn and locate down the field
  • Is missing a downhill, attacking mindset that runs consistent
  • Shows some issues with elevated pads on the snap that makes it difficult to crowd releases

Pro comp: Jaylen Watkins

Holsey and Watkins draw parallels between their size and traits that suggest Holsey could become an effective NFL corner. He’s loose and fluid with a punch that runs with a good strike zone to support his time in the slot and as a potential number three corner early, but his weaknesses suggest it may take some time to evolve into a number two corner along the perimeter.

Draft projection: 7th Round

Following Holsey’s evaluation, I gave him a fifth round grade and felt he was a developmental corner who could become a strong number two corner at the next level. With that said, two ACL tears as a defensive back is quite the red flag and his blend of average build and deficiencies will push him down the majority of draft boards. Regardless, his strengths will transfer well and his weaknesses can be further refined to become the aforementioned talented number two.


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