NFL Draft Scouting Report: Justin Evans

Texas A&M
Safety #14
Senior 6’0” 193

  • Physical hitter
  • Ball skills
  • Return skills
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Special Teams
  • Tackling technique
  • Size
  • Over aggressive

Evans is a versatile safety who played near the line of scrimmage, deep middle of the field and also was a kick returner for Texas A&M. Evans was a JUCO transfer and became an instant starter for Texas A&M and was a presence, laying the boom on many wide receivers and running backs.


As you can see Evans is an aggressive, physical hitter. The downside to Evans is that he doesn’t always wrap up and tends to lead with his right shoudler allowing the ball carriers to escape on occasion for big yardage.

However Evans wasn’t just a physical presence for Texas A&M. He also played man coverage against running backs, tight ends and a few times would line up as a cornerback and track wide receivers (LSU game 2016). As well as Evans’ man responsibilities, he played a lot of zone – mainly the deep middle, flats and hook zone.
Evans range is impressive due to his speed and can cover over the top as a single high safety, he has solid ball skills and contributed 12 passes defended and 4 interceptions his senior year.

Evans is a scheme versatile safety that can be moved all over the field, but his true home will be free safety in the NFL. This is due to his size more than anything and his superior range. Evans will likely start on special teams and also return kicks. He will also contribute to the depth of the team drafting him as he has experience playing both safety positions.

Pro comp: Jimmie Ward
Draft Value: 2-3 round

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