NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kevin King

2018 NFL Mock Draft

Cornerback #20
Senior 6’3″ 200

– Height
– Length
– Physical
– Run support
– Tackling
– Press
– Consistently good effort/motor
– Catching/some ball skills

– Tends to get too high on receivers
– Will allow separation on in breaking routes
– Overly physical at times
– Looks very thin

Kevin King came to Washington from Oakland as a three-star safety before eventually being moved to cornerback. King was one of the standouts during the combine with some impressive numbers in the vertical, three cone and shuttle drills. He was also able to run a 4.43 in his 40-yard dasj. He finished the 2016 season with 44 tackles, 13 passes defended and two interceptions.

King is a tall and long corner who looks impressive when making plays in front of him. I like his effort when coming up in run support, even if he does a lot of ankle diving instead of using good technique. I thought against Alabama and in particular against Bo Scarborough, that King showed he wasn’t afraid to come try to tackle anyone regardless of their size. He uses his length well to jam receivers off their mark and displayed some pretty solid ball skills at times.

In coverage, King tends to allow his man to get too high on him, making him susceptible getting under cut and giving up too much separation on comeback routes. He will also tend to get too far behind his man when trailing on crossing or in breaking routes. Where I believe King will struggle the most at the next level is going to be with his tendency to be overly physical. A lot of the things he got away with in college will be first downs for illegal contact on Sundays. I also don’t believe that King plays at the speed he ran during the combine. He appears to be slower than a 4.4 forty would suggest.

The biggest thing with King is going to be the scheme fit. I don’t think most teams that run a majority of man coverage are going to be overly impressed with him. He doesn’t show the long speed on film and gives up separation to quicker, option route running type receivers. It looks like his best fit for a press and bail Cover 3 scheme with center field help (similar to Seattle), even though he did struggle a bit running this concept versus Arizona St this past year. It looked like he hugged the sideline a bit too tight and didn’t give the free safety much of a chance to help up the seam. I think he would also fit Cover 2 well so he can makes plays in front of him because I like his physicality in the run game and explosiveness coming back toward the line of scrimmage. King might may ultimately wind up at free safety if he doesn’t find his way into an organization that intends to use him in one of the above mentioned roles.

Round Grade: 2-3
Games watched: USC 2016, Arizona St 2016, Alabama 2016, Colorado 2016

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