NFL Draft Scouting Report: Nathan Peterman

Quarterback #4
Senior 6’3″ 225


  • Good-sized passer with equal build
  • Takes technically-sounds drops at the proper depth for a quick set-up
  • Feet are active in the pocket, staying throw ready and sliding to avoid pressure
  • Challenges the MOF with controlled velocity and touch and timing
  • Can snap into a sound platform with balance
  • Delivers with a tight, compact delivery that allows the ball to jump out of his hand
  • Will step-up and reset with the proper balance
  • Displays a good feel for pressure to deliver the ball before pressure can get to him
  • Anticipatory thrower has a tremendous feel for opening windows and clearing throwing lanes
  • Obtains the proper trajectory to generate pretty turnover and drop vertical shots right over the shoulder
  • Developed field vision scans the entire field, working through his progressions
  • Completes perimeter throws with ideal velocity and placement
  • Expedites throws from uneven platforms and maintains general accuracy when on the move



  • Too often tries to aim intermediate throws, taking some juice off
  • Needs to learn to play within the structure of the offense more frequently
  • Touch is average and tends to dissipate as the throws get longer
  • Multiple times where he will bail from the pocket and break the integrity of the play
  • Questionable arm power to squeeze throws into tight windows
  • Doesn’t generate much torque with his core rotation
  • Inconsistent ability to remain accurate in a confined pocket
  • Has a propensity to throw before his feet are set, creating an unbalanced base and errant throws

A highly-recruited prospect from Florida, Peterman elected to play at Tennessee where he managed just two starts in two seasons. After being beaten out by Josh Dobbs, he chose to transfer to Pitt and started the final 24 games of his career.

The redshrit senior has some endearing traits and is well-built. He takes clean drops to create a quick set-up and executes sound drops off of play action. Peterman was also asked to make full-field reads, doing so with clarity and a developed understanding of passing lanes that allowed him to attack all areas of the field with anticipation and timing. With a good arm and the athleticism to maneuver in the pocket and extend plays with his legs, Peterman is an intriguing prospect.

Some aspects of Peterman’s game are still in the developmental stage, and it may take awhile for him to perfect them. Too often will he go beyond what the offense asks of him, going off-script when he doesn’t need to, or bailing from the pocket when he thinks he has an opportunity. His throws possess average power and there are questions as to where he can still make some of the collegiate throws at the next level. When the pocket gets the smaller, he will rush his set up and then the throw, causing off-target tosses.

Draft projection: Early 3rd round

Peterman has some really nice facets to his game and you can win with his strengths in the NFL, but some of the weaknesses will determine just how much you will win. The experience in a pro-style system with valuable use of play action will create a smoother transition to the next level and likely allow him to compete for a starting job if a team’s situation warrants that. His comfort in the pocket and anticipation are innate traits that will further his development, and he could easily be a starter a by year three.


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