NFL Draft Scouting Report: Patrick Mahomes

Texas Tech
QB #5
Junior 6’3″ 230


  • Thick, well-proportioned build with the requisite height/weight combo
  • Elite athleticism allows him to get off script and keep plays alive when the offense breaks down
  • Change-of-pace passer who can deliver fast balls and manipulate touch
  • Powerful arm can really drive the ball down the field and is one that he trusts
  • Flexible top-half serves as a catalyst for his ability to adjust plane and open chest to complete passes when on the move
  • Displays the ability to put the ball in the proper spots at all levels and keep his receivers on their routes
  • Can climb and reset in the pocket
  • Vastly improved his ability to connect his feet with his eyes
  • Maintains accuracy from multiple bases and arm angles
  • Keeps eyes up when on the move to locate receivers
  • Proper follow through and wrist snap generate serious velocity and rotation
  • Plus field vision allows him to efficiently work through progressions and find receivers late into the down
  • Anticipatory thrower with a developed understanding of throwing lanes
  • Played through various injuries this past season; was hit on 133 of his 662 dropbacks
  • Fearless player who exudes confidence and was ultimately forced to carry this offense


  • Will bail out of clean pockets
  • Complicates simple throws by doing more than is necessary with his mechanics; primarily throwing off-based when he has room in the pocket to set up
  • Often throws before his feet are set in which intensifies the inability to engage his lower half
  • Mental clock needs to speed up exponentially as he won’t have the same time to freelance at the next level
  • Gunslinger mentality has led to risky plays
  • Lead foot tends to drift and get disconnected from his upper body, ultimately affecting his accuracy
  • Could likely use another year to grow and develop mechanically
  • Air Raid stigma will likely affect perception and draft stock

Mahomes guided the Red Raiders for two-and-half years, and never disappointed. In 32 career starts, Mahomes completed 63 percent of his passes for 11,252 yards and 93 touchdowns against a mere 29 interceptions-nearly a 3:1 TD-INT ratio.

Pro comp: Johnny Manziel/Matt Stafford

Put those two in a blender and you get Mahomes. His escapability, creativity and free-lancing ability are reminiscent of what made Manziel a Heisman Trophy winner while those off-platform, adjusted arm angle throws and arm talent are what made Stafford a number one overall pick and traits that will allow Mahomes to thrive in the NFL.

Draft value: Second round

Expect to see a variety of different projections for Mahomes, but his natural talent allows him to overcome some of those technique deficiencies. He’s likely going to have to undergo the transition period that sidelined Jared Goff for the first nine games of his rookie campaign as he perfected the pre-snap nuances required of a pro quarterback. But with Mahomes, the situation could (potentially) be much different: while both passers hail from the same system, Mahomes is the twice the athlete Goff is with twice the arm talent and ability. Where it took Goff the extended time to learn 100 percent of what was asked of him pre-snap, Mahomes’ athleticism and natural ability may create a situation where he’s in the game with 80 or possibly 70 percent of the knowledge; while it’s risky, not all franchise-dependent scenarios are created equal. I don’t think it’s a stretch to claim Mahomes will be-when contextualized-one of the most successful quarterbacks from the 2017 crop.

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