NFL Draft Scouting Report: Quincy Wilson

Cornerback #6
Junior, 6’1” 200

  • Recognizes concepts
  • Plays ball well
  • Fluid hips
  • Not a good tackler
  • Doesn’t play press well
  • Can be grabby

Standing at around 6-foot tall and 200 pounds Quincy Wilson looks the part of a shutdown corner. This past season Wilson gathered three interceptions and six passes defended. Wilson also notched 33 tackles including 3.5 for a loss. After a season of replacing the 11th pick in the NFL draft, Vernon Hargreaves, Quincy Wilson has a chance to go just as high this season.

In my analysis of cornerback play, I like to start from the snap and work step by step through the play. So in that mold, I will start with Wilson’s alignment pre-snap. Wilson frequently lines up in press coverage, or right at the line of scrimmage. However Wilson rarely actually attempts to use his hands to redirect receivers. Wilson seems to prefer to play a press/ bail style of coverage. Wilson can afford to play that style of coverage because of his foot quickness and hip flexibility to turn and run with receivers. When Wilson flips his hips he almost never seems to lose a step on the receiver, staying right in their hip pocket.

Quincy Wilson vs FSU 2016

Once the receiver is into his route Wilson does an excellent job of recognizing offensive concepts. Wilson is exceptional at identifying what the receivers are doing and finding players who are not only in his zone but also players who are working towards it. After the ball is in the air Quincy Wilson does a good job of getting his head around and locating the ball in the air. Wilson also does a fantastic job of timing his contact when trying to break a pass up.

Quincy Wilson vs FSU 2016Quincy Wilson Vs Mizzou(2016)

Against the run is where you start to see weaknesses in Wilson’s game. Wilson is a very willing tackler, however, sometimes his form just isn’t very good. Once Wilson recognizes run he does a good job of playing outside in. Occasionally Wilson doesn’t see run until the receiver’s hands hit his chest. In those occasions, Wilson is normally blocked into a full speed back pedal. When Wilson does read run quickly he more often than not throws himself at runners without wrapping up. Against more agile runners this leads to whiffs. Wilson also appears to get behind runners sometimes, so he can tackle them from behind.

Quincy Wilson vs FSU 2016
Overall, Wilson is a great fit for a league that is geared towards throwing the ball all over the place (see New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons). Wilson will need to work on his tackling and clean up a little bit of his hand usage. However overall Wilson is a very good prospect and should be an immediate contributor. Baring something extreme I cannot foresee Wilson falling out of the first round in April.
Round: First
Player Comparison: Desmond Trufant

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