NFL Draft Scouting Report: Sefo Liufau

Quarterback #13
Senior 6’4” 230


  • Fairly accurate arm
  • Tough runner
  • Can make tough throws outside
  • Battled injuries
  • Often throws to first read
  • Sometimes plays too stiff


Sefo Liufau left Colorado with 98 school records to his name including total yards (10,509) and passing yards (9,568). He was a stud at his high school, Bellarmine, in Washington. Liufau has two uncles that played in the NFL. Sale Isaia was an offensive lineman at UCLA and for the New England Patriots. Another uncle, Jack Thompson was a quarterback for Washington State and for the Cincinnati Bengals.


Liufau has a strong arm in the intermediate passing game. On deep passes, he consistently under-threw his targets. He often threw to his first read on a play as the Colorado offense was designed to use quick throws and to spread the field. Most of the passes were short ones and Liufau did a fine job getting the ball in his receivers’ hands. He would sometimes place the ball in ideal spots by throwing his receivers open by leading them to an open part of the field. On other occasions, he would throw behind his targets or just short of them to make come back for the ball.


Liufau’s most appealing trait is his toughness. Both in his ability to run the ball and to extend the play, he also shows a natural grit that he hates to lose more than he likes to win.


NFL Comp: Paxton Lynch


I see a lot of similarities between the two. Both benefitted from an offensive scheme that did not require a lot of thinking during the play. Both moved around the pocket pretty well and showed athleticism to extend the play. They’re also similar in size.


Round value: 6th


I think Liufau will make a roster and will be a good asset for an NFL team. He needs to show scouts that he is able to progress through his options during a play. Scouts know he can make all the throws in the intermediate game but he needs to show them that he can do it consistently.

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