NFL Draft Scouting Report: Wayne Gallman

Running back #9
Junior, 6’1’’  215


  • Elusive; can find the tiny spaces between linemen
  • Hard to knock off his feet
  • Explodes through the line of scrimmage
  • Play style is perfect for short yardage and red zone situations


  • Runs too upright at times
  • Impatient; won’t always follow the lead-blocker
  • Needs to improve his pass-blocking abilities
  • Would like to see him gain a bit more speed


Gallman has a motor that never seems to quit. He’s not the fastest running back in this year’s class, but he’s relentless and tough on the run. He doesn’t have that highlight reel trucking ability, but he can power through almost any defender. In order to bring him down, defenders need to get their entire body on him–arm tackles won’t do anything.

Gallman excels in the first few yards past the line of scrimmage. He has great explosiveness and his first step out of his stance generates a lot of power. Gallman isn’t great at making open-field cuts, but he can sneak between the lineman quickly to get to the open field.

He isn’t a home run hitter like a couple of other highly-ranked backs. In his 2016 season, his his longest run was only 18 yards. So he won’t be an option when you need a long gain in a short amount of time. But he’ll wear down NFL defenses, especially late in games.

Even on plays where he doesn’t get the ball, he executes his assignment with 100 percent of his effort. He always knows who to pick up on a block, whether it’s in pass protection or downfield blocking for another runner. However, even though he’s a high-effort blocker, he doesn’t always make enough contact on blocks, and he lets defenders get by him. He’ll need to fix that at the next level.

Another thing he needs to fix at the next level is his patience. It’s easier to rely on mostly physical skill at the college level, but his decision-making ability will need to improve. Sometimes, rather than finding an open lane, he’ll lower his shoulder and try to power through the middle. Although he has NFL power, this won’t work against NFL-sized defenders as much as it did in college.

Projected Round: Late 2nd-Early 3rd

NFL Comparison: Khiry Robinson

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