Nick Vigil

Utah St
Linebacker #41
6’2″ 239

Vigil has the blend of intelligence and athleticism that you look for in a linebacker.

– Play recognition, knows the play after his first read step
– Laterally quickness, change of direction
– Flow technique is excellent – works through traffic well, works over the top of blocks well
– Filling holes
– Blitzing
– Tackling

– Block shedding once engaged
– Pass drop – back pedals instead of opening hips and running

– Experience in match zone, wasn’t asked to play man often but looked able when covering RBs
– Brother plays for Miami Dolphins
– Has played some RB

I’m a big fan of Vigil. He’s able to do a lot of things that are very vital things for the linebacker position and are very difficult to teach. His instincts and play recognition are among the best I’ve seen. He seems to have the play diagnosed and starting to react before his read step hits the ground. That also gives you an idea about his preparation and focus on becoming better. He also tested among the elite at the combine in the short shuttle and 3 come drills regardless of position, and it’s very evident that it translates to the field.

A concern with Vigil is his block shedding. He seems to get stuck when engaging with lineman so we will need to see how he is used within a defense to help protect that as much as possible and how he improves moving forward. His pass drop is also concerning because he backpedals into his zone. You would like to see him turn and run to his spot with his eyes on receivers or backs who could be crossing his zone. It’s a simple teaching point but some struggle with consistently doing it when the bullets are flying.

Vigil is a guy I would pound the table for because of his recognition and athleticism. I have issues with taking linebackers in the early part of the draft based on their role in today’s passing league, but he’s the type of player you want in your organization.

Round value: 2-3
Games watched: Colorado St 2015, Wyoming 2015, Boise St 2015

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