Paxton Lynch

#12 Memphis
Junior 6’6″ 245

Paxton Lynch

  • Enough mobility to be viewed as a running threat when out of the pocket.
  • Incredible downfield accuracy putting the ball right on the money in stride with his receivers.
  • Arm strength is among the elite
  • Gets the ball out quick with good anticipation
  • Possesses nice touch but at times leaves his receivers hung out to dry
  • Poise in the pocket not being rattled by added pressure and doesn’t feel ghosts.
  • Generally a good decision maker
  • Big, physical quarterback that will step up in the pocket and deliver the ball regardless of anticipated contact.
  • Needs to work on velocity and some timing with the receivers.
  • Only 12 interceptions to 50 touchdowns in the past two seasons.

Being somewhat of an unknown prospect heading into the 2015 season, Lynch is gaining the buzz of a future first round pick at quarterback. His size jumps off the page standing in at 6-foot-6 and 245 pounds with a cannon for an arm. Lynch’s incredible downfield accuracy to deliver bucket throws to his solid receiving corps is impressive. When forced out of the pocket, Lynch does well when rolling out to the right side but when nothing is there he serves as a running threat having 17 rushing touchdowns in his three seasons. No major flaws are noted when breaking down the film of Lynch but something he needs to work on is the velocity on his passes as he touch can vary at times on balls thrown in the intermediate range. Look for Lynch’s name to be called early on draft day as a potential program changer.

NFL Comparison: Carson Palmer, Cardinals
The downfield accuracy and ability to step up into the pocket knowing contact is ahead of him, is what makes this an easy comparison to Palmer.

Round Value: First Round

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