Quincy Adams

Cornerback #5
5’11” 205920x920

  • Played the vast majority of snaps on the defensive right side.
  • Physical
  • Goes for swat opposed to the pick.
  • Likes contact.
  • Gets his head around so he can play the ball.
  • Played off the ball. Very little press.
  • Navy’s defense ran a lot of zone.
  • Needs to react faster. Slow first step.

Quincy Adams played off the ball on most of his snaps and covered his part of the field primarily by way of zone coverage. I saw a lot of plays where Adams was in one on one matchups and he was able to swat the ball away. He also does a good job watching the quarterback, granted, this is easier to do when lined up off the ball.

Adams played near the line when there was no receiver flexed and it was in a tight set on his side of the field. When he was brought in, he did a good job at tackling and contributing in the run defense. I couldn’t find any plays where he was asked to play coverage when playing in the middle of the field.

I think Adams will have to play primarily zone to be effective. He plays on his heels and is slow to react at the beginning of the play. At the NFL level, I think he would allow separation to some quicker guys. I wish there was more tape of him playing in the center of the field because I think that will be his ticket to making a roster next season.56198610bb9d2.image

Adams is lifting three days a week, two speed days mixed with position drills and conditioning along with Marine Corps style workouts and conditioning tests. If he does not go to a camp then he will be starting The Basic Corps for the Marine Corps in August.

Bottom line: He’s a physical corner that is effective in stopping the run. Heavy hitters at the cornerback position are scarce but not as valuable as they once were in this pass happy league. Adams has a bright future regardless of his draft position or camp invite. We thank all of the Midshipmen at the Naval Academy for their service to our country.

NFL Comparison: Darryl Roberts – Both are late round guys who will hit receivers as hard as they can and play with a lot of passion.

Round Value: 7th/UDFA

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