Scouting Report: Brett Kendrick, OT, Tennessee

Brett Kendrick | OT | 6’5 ~320 Solid Arm length | Tennessee | 5SR | 4/12/95

Games Watched: 2016 (8) Texas A&M, South Carolina, 2017 South Carolina, (7) Georgia, (1) Alabama

History and Context: Kendrick was a 3 star recruit with visits to Clemson and Tennessee and chose Tennessee. He redshirted his freshman year. His redshirt freshman year, he started 2 games as an injury replacement. As a sophomore, He started the first 5 games at RT, missed 2 games with elbow and knee injuries, and was a non-starting participant in 2 other games. As a junior, he started all 13 games, 7 at LT and 6 at RT. He started all 13 games between RT and LG. He was all SEC Academic Honor Roll from 2013-2016 and is graduated as a Sports Management major in December 2016. Tennessee runs a pro-style zone run offense with scattered power runs and some spread.

Best: Hand Strength, Foot placement, Fundamentals

Athletically, he has good upper body strength and agility with solid speed and acceleration. He has a solid build with good length. He was consistent during the course of the game and against varying opponents, sometimes was a play caller(when at guard) and displayed a solid motor. As a pass protector, he is good out of a 2pt stance, has a good kick step with good acceleration, good hip fluidity, good hand placement, solid hand timing and is able to use his hands independently. He is very good at switching assignments and good at picking up stunts. On his drop, he has good foot placement, doesn’t waste steps, and solid at mirroring the opponents rush. Through contact, he has very good hand strength, good hand replacement, solid anchor footwork and hip leverage, good core strength, and solid hand fighting. Initial moves he can handle are outside swim, outside spin, rip, speed rush, bull rush (vs. DEs), push-pulls, and jukes or hesitation moves. Counter moves he can handle are swim, hand fight, juke/cutback, and push-pull. He is reliable on 5 step drops and 3rd and long situations with good fundamentals. He doesn’t get grabby when beat. As a run blocker, he has solid acceleration out of his stance, good hand placement, solid timing and punch strength, solid footwork, and solid core strength. Through contact, he has very good hand strength, can use hands independently, and good hand replacement, with solid hip fluidity. Downfield, he is solid at getting out in front of the runner and getting to an assignment when pulling. He performs down blocks well.

Worst: Reach blocks, Inside rush moves, Driving opponents

Athletically, he has adequate balance, adequate lower body strength, and adequate acceleration in space. He could refine his physical stature, appears to have a gut and could be benefited by greater thigh strength. He wasn’t a captain, did not appear to be a leader, did not step up his game to greater competition, doesn’t appear aggressive, doesn’t have his head up pre-snap consistently, and sometimes will finish blocks and play snap-to-whistle. As a pass protector, he has adequate footspeed on his drop and adequate 1st punch strength. Through contact he gets adequate to solid arm leverage and has adequate ability to reset and remain balanced if he gets off balance. Initial moves he struggles against are inside swim, inside speed rush, inside spin, and bull rushes from strong DTs, especially from the guard spot. Counter moves he struggles against are inside spin and inside rip. He is adequate at providing help, occasionally getting lost in space. He is poor to adequate at getting out of 3pt stances. As a run blocker, he has an adequate first punch, gets adequate arm leverage, isn’t particularly crafty or violent with his hands, and gets adequate foot leverage. His feet are too tight and has adequate motor with poor lower body strength when driving. He struggles on reach blocks with poor footwork and core strength. Downfield, he is adequate at walling off or latching onto defenders and adequate at IDing his target. He doesn’t consistently display awareness to climb after duo blocking a player out of the play. He is adequate at turning players out of the hole.


Kendrick has displayed positional versatility as he has played both tackle spots and guard. His best work was done from LT, followed by RT and struggled at LG. He can consistently hold up for 5 step drops, obvious passing situations, and is significantly better at taking away outside rush moves than inside rush moves from the T spots. Development he could use is in footspeed and 1st punch leverage. He can pull, down block, and man block at a solid rate. He is adequate at duo and climb, poor at reaching and driving his opponent off of the LOS. He needs to improve his hip and arm leverage which could be fixed with adding leg strength and getting better drive footwork.


1st Year Projection: Developmental tackle that will improve the 53 or PS in a gap scheme

3rd Year Projection: Swing tackle or 2nd Tackle if he can improve his leveraging technique in a gap scheme

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