Scouting Report: Dan Feeney

Offensive Guard #67
Redshirt Junior, 6’4″ 310

  • Strong
  • Plays under control
  • Good footwork
  • Great in space
  • Good awareness

Dan Feeney has been the model of consistency for Indiana, earning back-to-back First Team All American honors. Feeney only allowed one sack this year, despite making four starts at right tackle, a position he has not ever played in college. Over the course of his career Feeney has only allowed two sacks in 3,278 snaps. Last season alone Feeney totaled 51 knockdowns blocks, in an offense that doesn’t regularly put guards on undersized opponents.

Feeney is a powerful guard, but he also excels at his technique. When asked to pull he displays great balance and stays square to the line, so that he can block the first defender he sees. In space Feeney relies on positioning and technique. In space lineman often miss because they go for a knockout block; however, Feeney uses positioning and lets his back use his block.

In the trenches when Feeney gets his hands on someone they might as well quit fighting, he very rarely losses his grip once he is engaged. Feeney does an excellent job of exploding his hips to get push off the line, but doesn’t play off balance

In pass protection one of Feeney’s most important qualities is his feet. Feeney’s feet rarely ever die, which allows him to stay in front of his defender. He also does an amazing job of anchoring against a bull rush. Another aspect of Feeney’s game you have to admire is his hand usage; he extends his arms and has strong hands, which minimizes the power of defenders. Many linemen let defenders get into their bodies, which makes it hard to recover without holding.

Dan Feeney - Indiana Football - OG - 2015 (FIU & WKU)
Given a few years with NFL coaching, I don’t think Feeney will lack any skills. Feeney is already a top guard prospect, with no real glaring holes in his game, if he gets on an NFL team that doesn’t ask him to consistently get out in space and block corners or safeties I believe he will be a very good pro.

Round Value: 1-2
Player Comparison: Joel Bitonio

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