NFL Draft Scouting Report: DeAngelo Brown

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Defensive Tackle #97
Senior (RS) 6’1 312

  • Two year starter for the Cardinals
  • Scheme versatile
  • Solid run defender
  • Strong and difficult to move
  • Good initial burst off the line
  • Pad level can rises
  • Lacks pass rush
  • Missed all of 2013 with Achilles injury.

DeAnglo Brown is a run stuffing specialist for the Louisville Cardinals and a two year starter up front. Brown is a strong thick bodied lineman who can be difficult to move. He does a good job of creating an initial surge and generating penetration when playing against the run. When double team he does a good job of fighting through the blocks and holding up at the point of attack.


This clip shows Brown’s brute power and his ability to be disruptive in the run game. Notice how he forces the running back to turn his shoulders allowing his teammates to clean up and make a big stop on a 3rd and one. Brown also does a good job of staying square with the offensive lineman and driving his feet, completely stopping this play before it had a chance. He also shows off his quick first step allowing him to gain leverage which he does consistently in the run game.

The challenge for Brown going forward will be to develop some form of a pass rush. As mentioned above, Brown completely lacks any form of a pass rush move and relies entirely on his pure strength to collapse the pocket. If Brown could develop a pass rush move he could become more then a run stopping specialist.

Games Watched: Texas A&M 2015

Round Value: 6th Round

Player Comparison: Clinton McDonald.

Both players are run stopping specialists with superior strength and scheme versatility. This comparison is cemented further by similar height and weight measurables. If Brown can develop the pass rush as noted above he could become a run stopping specialist and find a home in the NFL.

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