Scouting Report: Dede Westbrook

Wide Receiver #11
Senior, 6’0” 170

Dede Westbrook is a dynamic receiver that knows how to use his elite speed to take over a game. He’s a deep threat who averaged over 19 yards per catch during his senior year.

  • Wins one on one matchups when running routes
  • Big play waiting to happen
  • Can be more aggressive with blocks
  • Elite speed
  • Will need to work on his route running.

Westbrook’s tape is filled with “how did he do that” moments. He was used very effectively in the Sooner offense his senior year. So well that he was named as a Heisman finalist. This season, Westbrook brought in 74 catches for 1,465 yards.

Westbrook had many plays designed for him to get the football. His route tree ranged from quick screens and slants to outs and verticals. On all of them, Westbrook consistently was effective and generated separation from defenders by using his speed and body control. You can see an example of that body control below.

He won the one on one battle regularly when fighting for position to get open but often could not shake the defenders on one on one situations when he had the ball in his hands.

The Sooner wideout gained separation against defenders often by the pure use of his speed. Granted his elite speed will transfer to the NFL, he will need to run more polished routes at the next level. His presence down the field will be among the best in the draft class and will be very attractive to NFL scouts and front offices.

Westbrook should also work on his blocking on the edge. There were multiple big plays that did not result in a touchdown because the man he was blocking made the tackle down the field.

Round value: Late 1st

Westbrook has world-class speed and could be a very dangerous deep threat in the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Desean Jackson

Both are guys that are really hard to overthrow due to there’s ability to get down the field. Neither are great route runners but make up for it with their feel for the offense.

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