Scouting Report: Dejon Allen, OL, Hawaii

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Dejon Allen | iOL | 6020-293-33⅞-9½  | Hawaii | 5SR | DOB: 05/05/94

Games Watched: Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada


Per 247sports, he was a three star recruit who initially committed to Arizona State and changed to Hawaii. In 2014, he started 11 games at RG after the starter was hurt in the first game, allowing no sacks and getting a 78 grade per the staff. In 2015, he started 12 games at LG and 1 game at RG (of 13 games) with an 89 grade, 1 sack allowed, and 52 knockdowns on the way to an All-Mountain-West Honorable mention. In 2016, he started every snap at LT, allowing 0 sacks to lead the team’s OL in grade and knockdowns on the way to All-Mountain-West 2nd team and Team MVP honors. In 2017, he started 11 of 12 games due to an undisclosed injury where he allowed 5 sacks and 7 hurries but, still lead the team with a 92 grade to their best rushing avg since 1995 and was named All-Mountain-West 1st team as well as a second Team MVP for the second straight year.  He was the highest graded offensive player (per PFF) at the East-West Shrine game.


He played in Hawaii’s spread Run-and-Shoot offense causing him to face largely spread out defenses.  This allowed him to have to do less “road grading/mauling” in the run game to move a lot of bodies in a small area but, asked him to do a lot of work on an island in pass protection. In addition to missing 1 game his senior year, he also left the Nevada and Wyoming games with less than 10 minutes in the 4th.  I have it noted that he twisted his knee before leaving in the 4th quarter of the Nevada game but, he does not have any reported injuries otherwise.

Best: Agility, 1st punch and arm leverage, Footspeed

Athletically, he has very good agility, solid speed, balance, and upper body strength. He is a leader who steps up in the clutch. He looks around to identify blitzes and coverages pre-play, sometimes making calls, can use his hands independently, and finishes blocks/plays until the whistle. In pass protection, He has very good foot speed, a good 2pt stance, a good first punch with good timing, solid strength, and solid leverage, and solid foot placement in his drop. Once contacted, he is very good at flipping his hips, has a good to very good hip/core set, good anchor footwork, good hand replacement displaying good violence and solid craft, and is solid at resetting his feet, remaining balanced and can handle fakes or cutbacks in space. Moves he can handle initially are swim, spin, chop, hand fight, and bull rushes. Counters he can handle are spin, chop and bull rush. He is solid at handling these moves both to the inside and outside while displaying good fundamentals and technique. He is very good at handling stunts and switches as well as good at providing help when he isn’t engaged. As a run blocker, he has good punch timing that gets good leverage and has solid hand strength with solid hip leverage and core strength. He has solid hip movement when going to reach block. At the second level, he IDs his assignment well.

Worst: Downfield blocking, Play strength, Inconsistent

Athletically, he has adequate quickness in space, and poor acceleration off the snap (both in run and pass) and has poor lower body strength. Despite being a 4 year starter, he does not have a captain’s patch. He does not play “angry” most of the time and is inconsistent, particularly during the Nevada game where it was snowing (From So.Cal, plays in Hawaii). In pass protection, he often takes a false step forward, usually high out of his stance, and has adequate hand placement which is inconsistent and often wide. Initial moves he struggles against are push-pull, speed to power, and rips. He rarely saw many counter moves just due to the low level of competition aside from hand fights. When beat, he often becomes grabby. He is inconsistent at finding work when left alone. As a run blocker, he has the same hand placement issues and same false step issues. He drives his feet in contact but, his feet are slimmer than shoulder length apart resulting in a loss of power and lateral movement/recovery. He struggles getting around 4 technique players to box out on inside zone and has adequate footwork to box out both inside and outside. Downfield, he is adequate at boxing out or walling off defenders, adequate to poor at latching on in space and poor at getting out in front of the ball carrier. He maintains these problems on screens. He tends to whiff when blocking in space.


As a pass protector, I trust him on longer drops and 3rd and long but, would still be best as a guard. As a run blocker, I trust him to block zone concepts but, will have to improve his ability to reach and seal players to crack the starting lineup as well as improve in space to be able to duo and climb. He is adequate at driving defenders off the ball but, I expect this to improve as he adds weight and strength. At under 295, he will certainly have to bulk up and will have to adjust to the cold quickly if that’s where he is drafted to/signed by. I would expect him to be a name off the board late day 3 or be a priority free agent.

1st Year Projection: Backup/Practice Squadder

3rd Year Projection: Quality backup/Potentially a win with Zone-Blocking Guard

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