Scouting Report: Nico Siragusa

San Diego State
Guard #56
Senior 6’5″ 330


  • Desirable build and frame; thickness through his lower half
  • Wins the leverage battle on the snap, allowing him to drive defenders off the ball
  • Identifies and picks up twists well
  • Coordinates hands and feet to mirror defender in pass pro
  • Nimble feet for a man his size
  • Properly executes kick out blocks to create running lanes
  • Wins with aiming point and latch-on ability when blocking laterally to generate movement
  • Quick to locate second-level assignments on combo blocks
  • Does a good job of locating assignments when pulling
  • Good against one-gap defenders where he doesn’t have give an inch vertically, yet creates lateral movement
  • Developed anchor in pass pro
  • Widens front-side POAs with power when down blocking


  • Struggles to adjust and sustain on the move
  • Isn’t the most fluid mover in space
  • Ducks head on perimeter assignments
  • Pad level will rise in pass pro, causing him to work harder to re-anchor
  • Needs to be more consistent in his understanding of angles
  • Occasionally loses leverage on the snap, allowing defender to initiate contact first

In what is a relatively talented guard class, Siragusa has a chance to be a high-riser. Two months ago, he was Pro Football Focus’ seventh-rated guard and finished the season as a second team All-American via the statistic-based outlet. The senior guard was an integral part of the Aztecs’ success on the ground while also allowing only two pressures this season, neither of which resulted in quarterback hits. He added a third team AP All-America selection to his list of accolades this season with three straight first team All-Mountain West selections on his resume (2014-2016).

Siragusa has logged 53 straight appearances (40 straight starts) and earned a Senior Bowl invite where he will get a chance to showcase his abilities against some of the top draft prospects. Of said abilities, a lot of what Siragusa does well relates back to his build and strength, combining both to generate movement off the ball and create wider running lanes. The latter ability also stems from nimble feet and quick location of landmarks. What he lacks in heavy hands, he compensates for with proper aiming point and latch-on ability that allow him to work inside a defender’s frame before finishing blocks by running his feet. For all the great work he does in his run fits, Siragusa is technically sound in pass protection, a true testament to those mere two pressures he allowed in 2016. He possesses a strong anchor and wide base that prevent him from getting put on skates, while those aforementioned feet slide and adjust to mirror defenders.

At times it is frustrating to watch Siragusa in the run game. He lacks desired fluidity in space, serving as a catalyst for his inability to consistently adjust and sustain on the move. Continuing the theme, he fails to break down establish a strong base on the perimeter, ultimately causing him to duck his head and eliminate any possibility of him driving defenders. In pass pro, his pad level will rise on occasion and give defenders the opportunity to counter back inside or collapse the pocket on him; while he recovered well against Mountain West opponents, those same recovery opportunities won’t be there as often at the next level.

Pro comparison: Jarvis Harrison

Much like Harrison, both are terrifically built with desired thickness through the lower half. Siragusa shares Harrison’s smooth feet that can mirror defenders in pass pro, ability to quickly locate and latch-on to second-level defenders, and show proficiency in pass pro.

Round Value: 4th

While Harrison last until the fourth round as well, that was primarily attributed to concerns surrounding his dedication and love of the game; without such concerns, he likely would’ve gone in the late second. Siragusa will last until the fourth due to his inconsistent angles and questionable power step, areas where Harrison excelled. Should Siragusa show out at the Senior Bowl and test better than I expect he will at the Combine, he could hear his name called in the early portions of the third round.

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