Scouting Report: Paul Magloire

Linebacker #14
Senior 6’1” 227

Paul Magloire played linebacker for a struggling Arizona team who shows quick play recognition and quickness when asked to blitz. He should hear his name called at some point in the NFL Draft.

  • Good first step
  • Can blitz well up the middle and on the edge
  • Strong play recognition
  • Lined up at multiple linebacker spots
  • Good lateral movement

Magloire was a bright spot for a bad Arizona team. He was asked to rush the passer on regular basis. He ran a lot of zone coverage for Arizona and most of the time he had a good feel for covering the receivers. The former Wildcat did a lot better covering passes down the field than crossing routes. Maglorie needs to find consistency in coverage as he will sometimes extend out of his zone. Occasionally, he’d let receivers get behind him, which resulted in first downs.

His strength is when he is asked to blitz the opponent’s quarterback. He did it from lining up from the slot, the edge, and from the middle linebacker position. At the next level, he will need to get to the passer faster than he did at Arizona. Magloire takes an extra few steps on his blitzes, as he will make his path to the quarterback wider than needed. That’s an easy coaching fix that can be adjusted at the next level. At other times, he took a wide track to keep contain and showed discipline despite being close to getting a sack.

Magloire has a good feel for following the flow of a play and shedding blockers to get to a ball carrier. There were also several instances on tape were he had the instincts to set the edge and keep the ball carrier inside to help inside defenders make the tackle. He does a good job filling the hole and engaging ball carriers and lead blockers at the point of attack.

Round Value: 5th

NFL Comp: Jonathan Freeny

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