Scouting Report: Ryan Nall, RB, Oregon State

Ryan Nall | 6’1-232-10”-32’½ | 4.58 / 1.61 / 6.95 / 4.16 / 122 / 33 / 15 | 4JR | Oregon St


Games Watched: Oregon (2016), Oregon (2017), Stanford, Washington, Colorado St

Career Stats:

Year Games Played Carries Rush Yards YPC GTDs Catches Receiving Yards ATDs
2015 9 73 455 6.2 3 7 109 0
2016 10 147 951 6.5 15 22 214 2
2017 11 165 810 4.9 8 27 240 2

Year Summaries:

  • 2017: PAC12 All-Academic 2nd, Missed USC game, Full time starter
  • 2016: PAC12 All-Academic and All-Conference honorable mention, Missed UCLA game, Starting RB
  • 2015: PAC12 All-Academic honorable mention, “Play it Forward” award (Helping kids become more physically active), Began as TE, Shifted to RB due to injuries, RBBC first half of the season, Full starter the second half
  • 2014: Redshirted, Came in as an H-Back, Scout team TE/H/RB/Returner

Oregon State runs a spread/shotgun offense with occasional pistol usage, meaning he rarely saw snaps from a traditional 7 yards back set. He has been used as a lead blocker sometimes on jet sweeps. They ran him and the other RBs on a basic route tree. The team hasn’t been over .500 in his time there. The offensive line was hot and cold over the course of games for creating holes or holding up in pass pro.


Best: Falling forward, Toughness, Pass pro Athletically, Nall has very good lower body strength, good upper body strength, good accel in space, good COD, good agility, and solid long speed. He has a built frame that looks more like a linebacker or small TE than RB and he uses this to his advantage. He is generally a high motor player who plays at a consistent level vs. any competition and has proven to play through injuries. He has good frontside vision on Inside Zone and solid frontside vision on traps/power/bases in the tackle boxes while displaying good patience. He is a one-track, downhill type of runner until the LOS. He is aggressive with the ball at POA/LOS, doesn’t stop his feet in the hole for any defender, and embraces contact. On inside runs, he has good burst to separate from the hole, good at forcing defenders to change their pursuit angles, and solid at creating something out of broken plays. Once contacted, he always drives his feet, is very good at falling forward against 1-3 defenders, good at falling forward in packs, and good at breaking arm tackle to both his upper or lower body. He is good at finishing with power against all positions, good at finishing with elusiveness using a very good full speed to stop and a solid 0-60 or with a good jumpcut, and solid at finishing with speed as he is able to consistently outrun linebackers and below average speed DBs. Moves he uses are spin, jumpcut, start-stop, back juke, and shoulder charge. He runs behind his pads, consistently covers the ball with 2 hands through traffic, always keeps the ball in the opposite hand of contact or towards the sidelines while keeping it high and tight on each run. He is able his blockers downfield to force defenders into blocks. Out of the backfield, he catches with his hands, has a good to very good radius, uses his size to his advantage here, and good at turning upfield after catching the ball. When creating separation, he has an elite frame to box out with, he displays good ability to set up cuts, good burst in/out of cuts, good UOH when cutting, solid understanding of where to sit down in coverages, and solid at pulling away from players in man coverage. His routes run in the games I watched were screen, flat, check+release, wheel, and one fly route from out wide (wasn’t targeted, displayed good get off from snap). As a blocker, he displays a want to block, elite chip that often knocks down or throws rushers far off of path, good hand shoot and placement, good anchor, good at cut blocking, and solid ID.


Worst: Cutback vision, Burst on outside runs, Route tree

Athletically, he has adequate acceleration off of the snap, adequate balance in space or through holes, and poor contact balance. His frame is tall so, he does have a large target area. Also, he is thick but, not particularly muscled out. He doesn’t consistently look around the field or know where the hole will be pre-snap, does not display vision to “hit home runs”, does not move defenders out of the hole with his eyes, and was not a captain or leader on the field. His stance has a heavy forward lean and lacks a balanced center of gravity. This is good for his downhill style but, hurts his acceleration out of his stance due to locked out knees. He displays adequate frontside vision on Outside Zone and powers outside of the tackle box. He did not run counter or toss in the games I watched. He has adequate cutback vision on all run types and locations. Nall particularly struggles with deciding on a whole when there are multiple holes open and this is evident most often on plays with multiple OL pulling. He has adequate burst when hitting outside zone holes. He will sometimes get tripped up or lose his balance in heavy traffic. He is adequate at finishing with balance, especially when he is hit below the knees. Despite being a heavy back with good arm length and hand size, he rarely uses a stiff arm move and exclusively uses it when it’s paired with a jumpcut or juke. As a receiver, he is adequate at displaying his hand/numbers as a target and poor to adequate at catching through contact. As a pass protector, he usually puts his head down to make contact, greatly limiting his ID and technique. As a lead blocker, he is inconsistent at landing cut blocks on linebackers and doesn’t shoot his hands particularly well, occasionally displaying a lack of hustle late in games on jet sweeps.


  • 1st Year: Rotational balanced/power back with high ST upside. One track runner that will be best used on inside runs. Versatile use as a blocker or receiver.
  • 3rd Year: Versatile back who will be a solid player on inside runs, out of the backfield and in pass protection. Good at closing games or tiring out defenses. Quality special teamer is his base. Needs to develop vision and gap discipline.
  • Ceiling: Mark Ingram
  • Floor: Alfred Blue

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