Scouting Report: Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

Sony Michel and Nick Chubb

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Sony Michel | 5’11 | 215 | predicted 4.53 40 by NFL Draft Scout


Games Watched:

  • @ 10 (10 at time) Auburn (10-4) (SEC-W) (25th in YPCa, 32nd in YPGa, T-11Th in TDa)

9a / 21yds / 3ypc / 0 GTD -|- 0c

  • v. Appalachian State (9-4) (Sun Belt) (46th in YPCa, 44th in YPGa, T-27th in TDa)

17a / 87yds / 5.4ypc / 1 GTD -|- 0c

  • v. 2 Oklahoma (Rose Bowl/FBS Semifinal) (12-2) (BIG12) (40th in YPCa, 40th in YPGa, T-60th in TDa)

11a / 181yds / 16.5ypc / 3 GTD -|- 3c / 41yds / 1 ATD

  • v. 4 Alabama (FBS National Championship) (13-1) (SEC-E) (T-2nd in YPCa, 3rd in YPGa, T-7th in TDa)

*14a / 98yds / 7ypc / 0 GTD -|- 0c *

Career Stats

Year Games Played Carries Rush Yards YPC GTDs Catches Receiving Yards TDs
2014 8 64 410 6.4 5 7 106 1
2015 13 218 1136 5.2 8 26 270 3
2016 12 152 840 5.5 9 22 149 1
2017 14 156 1227 7.9 16 9 96 1


  • 2017/2018 Rose Bowl MVP


Since 2015, he has been with HC Kirby Smart, OC Jim Cheny (@ Purdue w/Brees and @STL w/Steven Jackson), and AHC/RB-C Dell McGee (@Georgia w/OFotY Isaiah Crowell).

Injuries and workload

In high school, Michel tore his ACL during his Sophomore season. In college, he has fractured his left forearm in an ATV accident in July 2016 and twice fractured his shoulder blade during his freshman year resulting in him missing the final 5 games of the season. An ACL tear in HS is more than fully healed by now and a broken forearm from an ATV accident is unlikely at his position. His running style does not rely on shoulder charges, nor does his blocking style. This leads me to believe that it may flare up during his career but, shouldn’t cause significant threat over time. He has roughly 650 touches for more than 4000 yards and 39 total TDs during his time at Georgia, spread relatively evenly across his 4 years with a spike in touches during his sophomore year (Nick Chubb’s torn ACL season). Michel has accounted for 20% of total touches, 23% of total yards, and 26% of total TDs for Georgia this season. His usage does give me some concern. When paired with being 23 at the time of the draft, I believe he will receive at-most a short (1-2yd) second contract from his starting team or be given his walking papers after year 4. His physical decline will likely start in his 5-6th year in the league. I could see an 8-year career out of him with front half being a quality rotational/tandem player and the back half being a journeyman role player/backup.


Best: Burst, Finishing with elusiveness, Play speed

Physically, Michel has an average frame and carries it as such. Athletically, Michel has very good agility and long speed, good to very good change of direction and acceleration, with solid balance. From a mental processing standpoint, he is solid. He can look off defenders sometimes, you can see him reading the defense before hitting the hole, and his eyes are tied to his feet. He has solid toughness, displayed by having average aggression @POA, historically competed through injury, plays at a consistently high level, rises to contact when he has to, drives feet in small piles, fights for extra yards and is reliable late in the game. He has solid to good vision displayed by very good vision on Inside Zone, good ability to create when a play breaks down, solid vision Outside Zone, and solid patience. He has very good to elite burst with a very good 0-60, elite 60-0, good to very good ability to separate from the hole and alter defenders pursuit angles, and is solid to good at getting more than what is blocked. He is good at creating yards after contact and finishing exampled by being very good at finishing with speed and elusiveness against all players both in space and in the small areas and solid ability to fall forward. In the passing game, he is good at creating separation at the top of the route, usually, with strength and burst, he is solid at presenting his hands and numbers as a target for the QB, and has a solid catch radius. As a pass protector, he has good technique and solid ability to use functional strength and anchor.


Worst: Play strength, Pass pro, Finishing with strength

Athletically, Michel has adequate strength and doesn’t always use it. I would look for him to put on 5 pounds or become denser in the preseason. In his toughness, he does not always hustle downfield, his feet tend to stop in the hole when he is due to meet a player bigger than him (DL or LB), he tends to not drive his feet early in games and in piles with more than 4 people, does not display a particularly high motor and block downfield. At Georgia, wildcat aside, I did not see him run any gap run concepts, so I cannot conclusively say what his vision and ability to create on those play concepts. When creating yards after contact or finishing he lacks functional strength to finish with power against any defender larger than him and some his size. He has clips of taking the punch to LBs and larger safeties but, I haven’t seen it enough and more so saw him go away from this to try to create with quickness and lose a few potential yards. As a receiver, he does not always extend his hands to catch, often splitting between body and hand catches. In pass protection, he has adequate ability to identify blitzers and assignments, occasionally leaving his QB out to dry.

Pro Comp. and Projections:

Pro Comp:

  • Ceiling: Lamar Miller
  • Floor: Jerick McKinnon
  • Reasoning: He’s a special athlete who has an arsenal of moves to use when faking out defenders and can be a three-down back due to his abilities as a receiver and blocker.


Michel is a player you win with as a three-down back and can win because of when used in tandem with a “thunder” back as Georgia did with he and Chubb. As a feature back, he may struggle at the next level. I also question his ability to handle a full 20-25 touch per game workload as he hasn’t shown us this at the college level. A spot I would like him is in tandem with a player like Leonard Fournette, Derrick Henry, Carlos Hyde, or Orleans Darkwa. I have him tied for my third RB with Rashaad Penny, behind Derrius Guice and Saquon Barkley as a mid/late 2-mid 3 pick.

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