Scouting Report: Tim Williams

Edge Defender #56
Senior, 6’3″ 240

  • Great Burst
  • Good Hip Bend
  • Athletic
  • Never gets blown off the ball
  • Doesn’t shed run blocks well
  • Doesn’t miss many tackles

Williams was a terror for SEC offensive linemen this season, racking up 15.5 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks. The first thing you’ll notice about Williams is his burst; he is routinely the first player out of his stance. Arguably, his burst is never more evident than when he is getting to rush the passer.

He has the speed to get around the edge, which sets up his favorite move. Williams likes to get up field then as soon as the tackle gives up too much ground, Williams shoots the gap and often leaves the tackle standing in no mans’ land.

No doubt Williams struggles against the run, but it isn’t because he lacks the strength. Williams sets the edge quickly and he is never blown off the ball. Williams doesn’t have the same motor on run plays, for this reason he rarely sheds blocks once the offensive lineman is engaged.  However, when he puts his mind to it, Williams can shoot gaps before a lineman can even get a hand on him.

Williams lacks an arsenal of pass rush moves, however, he has the speed and hip flexibility to get by while a NFL team teaches him more moves. Williams projects as a 4-3 end or 3-4 outside linebacker, but he will likely be relegated to a pass rush specialist role until he learns to play the run a little better. That being said, Williams will likely be drafted relatively high due to a need to get after the quarterback.

Round Value: 1-2

NFL Comparison: Vic Beasley
Both Beasley and Williams are athletic pass rushers who can get around the end, however both also struggle with disengaging blockers on runs. If Williams is put in an aggressive scheme and asked to get after the passer almost exclusively Williams should be very productive.

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