Shilique Calhoun

Michigan State
DE #89
Senior 6’4″ 251

• 3 year starter for the Spartans with 26.5sacks.shilique-calhoun
• Lined up at both DE spots but mainly RE.
• Above average first step.
• Good burst to bend the edge.
• Plenty of pass rush moves to choose from, but needs to know when to use them correctly.
• Needs to develop stronger hands, decent usage but seems to just slap OTs instead of clubbing.
• Not strong against the run and needs to add functional strength which his frame will allow.
• Decent tackler and will pursue RBs from side line to side line.
• 4-3 RE in the NFL
• Would benefit from adding 15lbs
• Needs to turn that speed into power so OT can’t just push him past the QB
• Won’t beat a double team and will get wiped out of the play.

Calhoun is all about speed at this point of his career, if he can develop more strength and his frame should allow it he could become a great DE in the NFL, if he can’t then he will be a one trick pony who is just another DPR only seeing the field on sure passing downs.
He can bend the edge better than any edge prospect apart from Noah Spence and this is where Calhoun wins most of the time, the other times is when he wins with the inside move due to OT over compensating for his speed.
I believe he can add that weight and strength and become a very valuable DE who can stay on the field all the time. Calhoun really needs to work on his aggressiveness and hand usage both seem to be lacking and he doesn’t have that mean streak you want.
Calhoun was a 3 time All American for the Spartans and that is a feat that isn’t often accomplished, he has a knack pressuring or sacking the QB and it shows in his film.
Calhoun will likely only see time at RE on passing downs for a team running a 4-3, im not sure he is able to drop in coverage for a 3-4 team and is better at just rushing the passer at the moment.
I am hopeful that Calhoun will become a very valuable DE in the NFL but it is all dependant on whether he can add that strength to his game.

NFL Comparison

Demarcus Lawrence

Round Value

1-2 round

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