Stephane Nembot

Offensive Tackle #77
Senior 6’6″ 322Nembot #1

  • Boasts impressive upper body strength (32 reps at combine)
  • Still developing the skills of the position but has shown improvement each season
  • Shows good quickness in run game off the snap to be effective in the open field
  • Iffy footwork as he is still developing a smooth quick slide and slowly being able to mirror pass rushers
  • Doesn’t anchor well while displaying below average lower body strength
  • Holds and sacks were habitual in his game but developed better ways to try to avoid those negatives in his final season
  • Participated in the Shrine Game

Having been born in Cameroon, American football is not a sport that came natural to Stephane Nembot. Nembot, of course, is a raw football player but has settled in nicely and ended his collegiate career on a high note with ample amount of praises from coaches with his ability to absorb information and apply it to his game while carrying a great work ethic. Changing positions, defensive tackle to offensive tackle, Nembot carried over a slim 280 pounds and added 30 pounds to project better at the offensive position. Switching to the other side of the ball for the first time occurred in the middle of a game (Fresno State, 2012) in which Nembot was not aware of what was going on and received instructions from the right guard on whom to block. Nembot started at right tackle the following week and completed 37 starts at that position with some experience as well at left tackle in the latter part of 2015.

Nembot #2Nembot’s defensive line athleticism didn’t carry over to the offensive line as well as expected. His coordination and explosiveness is lacking. Nembot had issues picking up the speed from outside pass rushers as he gave up 10.5 sacks in his first two
seasons combined but then settled down and knocked down the total to just three in 2015. Having the defensive background, Nembot’s strong, violent and huge hands serve as weapons to jolt defenders off their pursuit as he tends to rely on this more because he doesn’t show the ability to absorb contact and drop his weight to anchor well in the sand. He would end up on skates the majority of the time when attempting to anchor down.

Nembot’s lower body comes across as his biggest issue when being evaluated at the next level. He doesn’t possess the proper anchor or kick slide to be a coveted pass protector struggling to hold up against bull and speed rushers; his length and upper body strength can only sustain so much. When getting in space, Nembot is athletic enough to provide an impact with quick and nimble feet. His great length and quick feet are intriguing, but he still needs plenty of technical work and looks to be a two to three year developmental project in the NFL. Which some teams may shy away from with Nembot already being 24 years old.

Round Grade/Value: Seventh Round

Pick Projection: Sixth Round

NFL Comparison: King Dunlap
Dunlap differs in the size department standing in with a 6’9″ 330 pound frame, but the two come away with similar strengths and concerns. Both shoot out of their stance to get an advantage in the run game game in the open field but lack the elite ability to consistently be a strong anchor and effective at the point of attack. 

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