Tajae Sharpe

WR #1
Senior 6’2 195 lbs



  • Good size, and plays even bigger.
  • Physical both at the line, and downfield
  • Good hands, attacks the ball
  • An accomplished route runner. Very disciplined
  • Doesn’t possess great game speed
  • Tracking the ball and extending for the catch is difficult
  • May be tapped out talent wise
  • Better underneath than downfield


On the surface, Tajae Sharpe has the look of a WR who dominated college but doesn’t possess the natural ability necessary for success in the Pros. Indeed, he is a technician, a savvy route runner and can physically hold his own against any DB…but is that enough? At 6’2, 195 he plays well for this frame and size. Sharpe fights for separation and runs with authority. He looks good off the line, and even better out of his breaks…

Drafting Sharpe however, is going to be tougher than just praising his route running and physicality. He’s not overly fast, and while Tajae has good hands and fields the ball well — he’s not a natural WR. Tracking the ball and extending himself doesn’t come easy. NFL windows are small, and the receiver has to be able to make plays on the ball away from the defender. Being short on speed and natural ability is not a great combination at the next level. Sharpe’s refined skills in the short to intermediate game however will probably land him on someone’s roster as their #4.


NFL comparison: Kenbrell Thompkins

Round Value: 4th-6th

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