Taylor Decker

Ohio State
Offensive Tackle #68
Senior 6’8 315Taylor-Decker-Geoff-Burke-USAT

Taylor has supreme size and excels at blocking defensive linemen.  He will be an extremely safe pick in this draft.

  • Has elite size.
  • Better in man on man blocking schemes than zone blocking schemes.
  • Doesn’t always finish plays.
  • Great at down blocking linemen.
  • Needs improvement at blocking the second level.
  • There are plays where his doesn’t block anyone.

Taylor Decker possesses a huge frame and has the strength to stall edge rushers.  A downside to his size is his height limits his ability to lower his pad level.  Taylor Decker appears to be a safe pick.  He does a lot of things well.  He uses his hands well and has good footwork.  His kick step should be able to keep up with edge rushers.  While He is good at blocking men on the line, Decker needs to improve his angles at attacking defenders at the second level.

Decker needs to show more effort throughout the whole play.  After a few seconds into a play, sometimes he will let off and start walking or standing around.

Taylor Decker is a plug and play guy that should earn early playing time on an NFL squad.


NFL Comparison: Nate Solder

Projected Round: 1

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