Temarrick Hemmingway

South Carolina State
TE #87
Senior 6’5 245 lbs

T. Hemingway TE South Carolina State



  • Natural receiver. Catching the ball comes easy — shows soft hands
  • Nice hips for 245+ lb, very fluid change of direction
  • An accomplished route runner for the position.
  • Finds space at the 2nd level. Has a knack for getting separation.
  • Still has room on his frame to fill in the NFL
  • Will need to speed up his game against NFL LBs
  • Faces a significant learning curve in level of competition
  • Not a fit inline, will remain in a Joker role



There’s something captivating about this small school, big-bodied Tight End slash H-back. He displays the kind of fluid movement teams covet, and can catch the ball about as well as any receiver. Temarrick plays the position with confidence, and you see it in his game (if you can find the tape). He’s a natural receiver who has knack for knowing where to be and when to be there. Change of direction, balance, hips, soft hands – he has it all. Could he stand to come out of his breaks a little faster? Put on another 10-15 lbs? Sure, but you can work on that. You can’t coach the natural talent Hemingway flashes more often than not.

Being that he played at such a small school, it’ll likely take some time for Temarrick to catch up to the speed of the NFL game,  but there’s nothing to say that’s not possible for such a talented TE. He hasn’t been asked to block much, and probably won’t develop into an inline asset anytime in the near future. He doesn’t have long speed either. That’s not to say he isn’t capable of stretching the defense, but he doesn’t posesses the kind of breakway speed need to outrun DBs. Hemingway in lot of ways, looks like a less athletic version of Calvin Johnson in the way he’s able to long-leg his way past linebackers and out-muscle smaller defenders.  With the right coaching, he stands a good chance to develop into someone’s difference maker as a TE center-fielder.


NFL comparison: Kellen Winslow Jr.

Round Value: 3rd-4th


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