Tyler Matakevich

Tyler Matakevich
LB #8
Senior 6’0″ 238

    • Holds the record at Temple for most career tackles with 493 through 4 years.tyler matakevich
    • Chuck Bednarik winner 2015
    • AAC defensive player of the year 2015.
    • Consensus All American team 2015.
    • Plus instincts and always round the football.
    • Good tackler, not a thumper but doesn’t miss many if any.
    • Can cover the basic zones but not a guy who is going to cover a TE down the field, this is due to stiff hips.
    • Needs to be kept clean and isn’t brilliant at taking on and shedding blockers.
    • Blitzed occasionally at Temple, but was mainly on delayed blitzes that he seemed to be spying the QB.
    • Is probably limited to playing the WILL in a 4-3
    • Not speedy but has good football speed to make plays.

I’ve watched Matakevich and he impressed me every time I watched him, consistently around the ball, making plays in both the run and the pass. Matakevich played pretty much every play on defense in the 3-3-5 base defense that Temple ran.
He is a tackling machine, turn on any Temple game and you will hear his name mentioned about a million times. Even though he has been so productive in college, whether that is setting records or winning awards teams are worried about his size and lack of speed and strength. I’ve seen scouts writing him off due to physical limitations which I think are unfair as he is an excellent football player and if drafted by the right team could become a solid starter.
All in all Matakevich is a great football player even if he is an average athlete, he is going to need to be protected by a solid DL and fits best playing WILL in a 4-3. I can see him playing ILB in a 3-4 as well but he would have to do some work at getting stronger at the point of attack. He will be asked to play ST at first and if he succeeds he should start to see snaps on defense.

NFL Comparison

Anthony Hitchens

Round Value

2-3 Round

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