Vadal Alexander

Offensive Guard #74
Senior 6’5″ 326Vadal-Alexander

  • played left guard until junior season and made the switch to right tackle this past season as a
  • instead of exploding off the snap at tackle or maintaining a clear cut base, he shoots out of his stance too high instantly losing balance on that particular play. 
  • huge intimidating presence with an attractive frame and solid core strength to lock up defenders keeping them out of the play. 
  • Though with the occasional balance issues because of his stance, he displays good leverage being able to bend well with his one on one matchup.
  • Nimble on his feet to be a threat at the second level.
  • Absorbs contact anchoring well to avoid being pushed around by bull rushers or defenders of a stronger caliber (Held his own versus Jarran Reed for Alabama in 2015) 
  • Footwork isn’t great for the tackle position not possessing a quick enough kick slide to pick up speedier edge rushers raising questions about is his status to be a tackle at the next level.
  • With his massive size, he is sporadic with his leverage bending well at times but not often with his knees and he tends to lean forward too often.
  • Has the mauler type mentality but seems to run hot/cold with overall aggressiveness. 
  • Average with his hand placement occasionally locating them too high but has enough upper body strength to overcome any poor placement. Not violent hands but effective enough. 
  • Senior Bowl participant 

Receiving an invite to the 2016 Senior Bowl, Vadal Alexander has been recognized for his high caliber of play throughout his football career as he was just recently named as a second team all-American. Playing his senior season at right tackle, Alexander wasn’t a world-beater there, as he looks to be more comfortable at guard in which he spent his first few seasons at left guard in Baton Rouge. Alexander’s biggest asset is his intimidating frame that translates well to his powerful style of play. Being a bruiser in the run game containing enough athleticism to be effective enough at the second level is why he is oozing with potential in a face up man scheme though could be used in some zone situations as well. His footwork at tackle is suspect losing more than enough battles with speedy pass rushers on the outside (See Tim Williams versus Alabama in 2015) as he is not quick enough with his lower body to snatch them up even with his outstanding length.

Still being viewed as a raw prospect compared to many of the other sound guards in this class, Alexander has plenty of work to do working on change of direction and technique but has the potential accompanied with a huge frame and some nastiness when playing with a hot motor. He will most likely go in the early part of the second round being viewed as a top three guard prospect.

NFL Comparison: Mike Iupati, Cardinals

Both display massive size and strength doing their best work in the run game but have some slow feet when pass protecting. 

Round Grade: Third Round

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