Vernon Hargreaves III

Junior 5’11” 199


All signs point to Vernon being an elite corner in the NFL.

  • Quick to recognize play
  • Has a quick burst.
  • Looks comfortable on and off the line.
  • Excels in keeping contain on the outside.
  • Has the ability to get off blocks.
  • Physical; doesn’t mind hitting.
  • Primarily played on the defensive left side of the field.

Vernon Hargreaves has 10 interceptions and 27 passes defended during his time at Florida (before bowl game).

Hargreaves is one of the most complete prospects in this draft and his name will be called early.  He is able to consistently jam receivers at the line with success as well as play off the ball.  He has a quick step and the ability to change direction with ease.  He possesses strength and discipline to engage blockers to keep contain and then shed the block and make the tackle.  With Vernon primarily playing on the defensive left, it allowed the offense to steer clear of him in a lot of plays but Hargreaves was able to consistently be around the ball regardless of offensive play design.

He’s my top corner in the draft.


NFL Comparison: Patrick Peterson

Round Value: Top 5 Pick

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