Vonn Bell

Ohio State
Safety #11
Junior 5’11″ 205

  • Started at NB his freshman year, was moved to S for the next two, which is his home in the NFL, Centre fieldxtra_osu14nav_KWR_27.JPG FS.
  • Very good range when covering deep middle and splits WR incredibly well.
  • Adept in man coverage one on one against WR.
  • Plays centre field like a pro.
  • Will come up and fill a hole in the run, isn’t a thumper, and needs to be more consistent with his tackling.
  • Very capable playing any zone coverage.
  • Great instincts in both the run and pass.
  • Has a good eye for the football, making 9 INTs in his college career.
  • Slightly undersized, looks thin.
  • Gets his hands on WRs in man coverage that wasn’t called in college, won’t get away with it in the NFL.

Bell was an outstanding player at Ohio State and played in all 42 games since his freshman year, amassing 176 tackles and 9 INTs. Bell has an eye for the ball and doesn’t get turned around when in coverage, he is arguably the best deep S prospect this year and plays centre field better than some pros. His main downside is his tackling; he doesn’t make many solo tackles and tends to be part of the gang tackle to take down RBs. His man coverage is brilliant and can cover WRs and TEs stride for stride with ease.
I see Bell as a centre field FS in the NFL and feel like this is a natural home for him; he should fit on most teams but teams who play a lot of cover 1 and cover 3 would benefit him the most, similar to how Earl Thomas is used in Seattle.
Bell is a solid FS and should go in the first two rounds of the draft, he is participating in the NFL combine and shouldn’t hurt himself there unless he gets injured. Bell can come in from day one and play FS for most NFL teams and I can see him being a productive player for years to come.


NFL Comparison

Thomas Decoud/Earl Thomas

Round Value

1st-2nd Round

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